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Our New Home

Whether Browser/Mobile. Our Responsive Design was to make less fiddeling with site and more content.

Central Swastika Movement

A two Part Quick Run through for those New. As well as bringing to light the work ahead of us.

Nat Socs Segregate Degens

A Collection Of Fundamental Reasoning and Rationality. More of a PSA and stateing for the Record.


Join The Team

Tools for Everyone. Get Involved an Join the Team. Interested get in Contact. Not Tech Skilled or on a budget no problem start learning today.

Join Us On Discord

Discord is built Into 9Neins as IGM. The Server is the Central Hub which ties everything 9Neins & NatSoc together. Its Free!

9Neins Micro Client

9Neins-MC will be Free. Available for Pc/Mac/Lix. 9Neins Mobile Version is delayed for time being.

Support Us

Metamask is built into 9Neins for IGP. Brave is the default Framework for IGP.

By downloading Brave Browser you help support the 9Neins Dev Team and everything we do.

We earn $7.50 for each download and useage for 30 days.

Its a Win-Win. You get an awesome Browser, Safety, Security, No Ads, and Fast! EZ Install. All while supporting 9NEINS. Double down(Mobile) and Log in MetaMask to Play and to purchase IG/9Neins content.


9Neins Git-Bots


Yes we know the Nose. An interactive DISCORD bot that names the Nose fully loaded with top class Memes, comebacks, as well as the realest Mod.


For Bloggers and Websites that want to Speed Up loading pages when adding video to articles and the like. Embed BitChute, Youtube, I-Archive.