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More Than a Game

We are a Development focused on Connectivity and Community through Innovation, Passion, and shared common goals. It has been an adventure to get this far - with a long ways to go, read, learn, and to grow.


Play Online or download the client for PC(exclusive). The Client will allow a platform icon directly to your desktop to load and play Nine Neins straight from your desktop with no lag, higher resolution, and other Client bonuses.

Online Droid Win-7

Mobile (on release) will only be playable on Android at this time due to Apple being a market in which we have no interest in reaching to. As the Microclient is recommended for PC-Win7 (on release). 8/10 versions should work just fine just not recommended.

Fash Out

Shop for gear, items, clothing, and upgrades or get Nine Neins products and merch to show love and help our development florish.



The latest Updates, commentary, behind the scenes, tutorials, first glimpses, sponsors, theories, thoughts, articles all surrounding the "why" of the NineNeins development. A Pro-White adventure like no other that seeks knowledge, understanding, and learning through the power of Creativity of Innovating Developments.

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